Help us donate Sunu Band to those in need.

We are committed to helping people have access to technology regardless of income and where they live in the world.

Over 200 donations received

Our customers, followers and people like you are joining our social mission and contributing to our donation programs. Our donar help cover the cost of the technology for those who don’t have the access or are unable to afford it. 

Programs in 3 countries

There are over 280 million people who are blind and visually impaired worldwide and close to 90% live in developing countries. Donations are coming in from people in over 50 countries. You can donate no matter where you live, because blindness knows no nationality or bourders. 

Over 200+ people

Are receiving the gift of mobility, independence and inclusion. Children, teenagers, and adults care benefiting from our program. By providing access to technology, we are empowering people to be more active, engage in their communities, increase opporutnities and enjoy the life that they want to have. Become a Sunu Band donar today.

Bringing relief to people suffering from traumatic eye injuries from rubber bullets

Life-altering eye injuries are an unfortunate common result when ‘less than lethal’ weapons are employed by authorities against a crowd. We have seen it around the world, and we now see it in the United States. People have suffered traumatic eye injuries because of rubber bullets.

People have the right to speak and congregate publicly and should be able to exercise that right without the fear of blindness. People should not have to choose between using their voice and losing their vision. 

Our program is bringing relief to those individuals who suffered an eye injury and suddently find themselves blind and visually impaired. Become a donar today and help us bring a Sunu Band to help someone who is living through the trauma of sightloss. 

Our Programs in Action

Our Donation Partners

We partner with schools in Latin America and in the developing world

Sunu is proudly partnered with schools for the blind in Mexico and we are committed to bringing technologies to areas where access has always been limited.

Though our donation program, Sunu is able to provide Sunu Bands and technology training to school children who are blind and low vision. Sunu is working closely with blind rehabilitation specialists and teacher of visually impaired to ensure high quality training and that Sunu Band is improving the mobility, navigation skills and independence of the children.

You donation will help Sunu expand its school program, delivering new Sunu Bands to rural schools that lack the access and resources to attain new technologies and training resources.


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