The new Sunu Navigation App

A complete navigation toolbox for people who are blind and low vision
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The Sunu navigation app is the most versitle and accessible navigation toolbox for the blind and low vision.

Know where you are

Never worry about getting lost or turned around. With the Sunu app, you can request your current location, know the street name and closest intersection. Use the built-in compass to know which way you are going. 

Explore nearby places

Kow about the places that are in your surroundings while you’re on the go or in the direction that interests you by simply pointing your phone or the Sunu Band.  

Search for places of interest

The Place Finder helps you search for places within the categories that you want to know about. Get details and information so you always know where you’re going. Save favorite and landmarks so you can easily return.

Get directions to a destination

Get turn-by-turn directions to where you want to go. Receive pedestrian frirendly directions that safely take you there.

Pair Sunu Band with your mobile device to unlock an entirely hands-free experience.

When paired with your mobile device, the Sunu Band provides you more control and the flexibility to use the suite of navigation features that are included with the app. Use Sunu Band to activate navigation functions, and receive information via bluetooth audio. Never worry about taking out your phone in public. 

You’re invited to join our iOS beta and test drive the new Sunu app.