Empowering the lives of 280 million people who are blind and visually impaired.

OUR VISION: A world where no human is labeled as ‘disabled’, treated with pity and discrimination, but rather included and embraced as one global community.

OUR MISSION: Is to enhance our human abilities and empower independence through wearable technology.

Your opportunity to invest in a company that’s more than just a product.

Over the years, many of our customers, partners, and followers have asked how they can invest in Sunu, and own shares of a promising and high-growth technology company. We have opened an equity crowdfunding investing opportunity available to the public for a limited time.

Equity crowdfunding is a new and innovative way to allow anyone who is interested in further supporting our efforts and believes in the long term opportunities for Sunu.

By investing in Sunu, you not only further our mission as company, you will gain a financial stake in our success – which, like any investment, may provide gains for you in the future. Visit our equity crowdfunding page on Republic to learn more about how you can invest in Sunu, starting at $100.

As seen on Meet the Drapers TV

Meet The Drapers, Brand Accelerator is back for Season 3 — and it’s better than ever! Join venture capitalist Tim Draper and his famous Draper family — Bill Draper and Polly Draper —as they seek out the next billion-dollar startup alongside featured guest and founder of Hotmail, Sabeer Bhatia.

Viewers, and the Judges, are introduced to their first three investment opportunities. In the premiere, they’ll meet: Sunu, a mobility smart-band enhancing navigation for the visually impaired;

Meet the founders

Fernando Albertorio

Fernando Albertorio

Co-founder & CTO

I am a legally blind serial entrepreneur, scientist and public speaker. Being low vision makes me a unique problem-solver. I bring creativity and 20-years of entrepreneurial, business and scientific/technical experience to the job. I thrive on digging into customer needs. I love creating, optimizing and scaling products that matter.

I decided not to use traditional aids for the visually impaired because I was sick of the social stigma of my ‘disability’. I knew there should be a discreet and easy way to independently navigate my way around. That and more is Sunu to me.


Marco A. Trujillo-Tejeda

Marco A. Trujillo-Tejeda

Co-founder & CEO

Robotics engineer, professional dancer and tech entrepreneur forged in Mexico’s and Silicon Valley’s innovation ecosystems. I started Sunu to engineer new horizons for the disabled community; we envision a world where people with disabilities are fully embraced and empowered.

Growing up with my best friend being deaf taught me that social inequality is more crippling than any disability. I’ve devloted my entire life to closing the gap and through technology, give impaired individuals the life every human being deserves. 

Our company

Created in 2013, Sunu was founded by Marco A. Trujillo-Tejeda and Cauahtli Padilla. Marco and Cuauhtli first invented Sunu’s technology during their community service project at a school for blind children as part of their engineering degree requirement. The children used the first prototype and before long where using it in their mobility lessons and in games. The parents and teacher noticed how the kids became more confident, active and independent. Marco and Cuauhtli continued developing the Sunu Band with the intial crowdfunding support of the parents at the school.

Today, Sunu is a cross-boarder company and headquartered in Guadalajara Mexico and Boston, MA when Fernando joined in 2014. Sunu has won nurmerous awards and startup competitions. The company is an example of Meican/latino ingenuity and collaboration.

Our Team

Adrian Ramos

Dir. of Manufacturing 

Diego Mendoza

Sales & Accounts Lead

Pedro Cossyleon

Customer Success Exec.

Fernanda Salinas

Sales & Account Lead

Paulina Bernaldez

Dir. Human Resources

Isabel Blanco

QA & UX Researcher

Sara Gutierrez

Designer & Creative Arts

Erick Castañeda

Mobile App Engineer

Marytere Solano

Marketing Exec.

Proud alum and award winner of: