The only smartwatch that uses sonar and vibrations to enhance your awareness to everything that's around you.
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Get a extra boost of confidence everyday with Sunu Band

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The Sunu Band will warn you through pulses whenever there is an obstacle, object or person nearby.

Increase your awareness. Reduce accidents to the upper body

Assistive technology that's designed for everyone

Gain more confidence walking anywhere

Helping you practice SOCIAL DISTANCING during our new normal

Stop guessing if someone is too close. Sunu Band is technology to help you keep social distancing.

Amidst the global health crisis of COVID-19, it is important that we all practice safe social distancing. Governments, health organizations and experts recommend maintaining a minimum distance of 6 feet (2 meters) between people.

But how do you know you’re keeping a safe physical distance when you’re out? Now you can stop guessing, and enjoy being in public with safety and confidence.

Sunu Band sonar sensor can detect people up to 16 feet or 5.5 meters away. Then haptic vibration feedback that’s felt on your wrist alerts you to when someone is nearby. Customize Sunu Band’s sonar range with the Sunu app and control your own safe zone.


The perfect companion to the white cane, guide dog or any vision aid.

Emily Davison is a legally blind YouTuber and is known as Fashioneyesta. Emily explains how the Sunu Band works and demonstrates how she is using it in her everyday.

When you’re at home or in a known space such as your office, you might not use your white cane. Using Sunu Band will help you avoid object that people move around like, chairs and furniture.

The vibrations are subtile, but recognizable. And, you can always change the intensity and range that Sunu Band can detect via its mobile app (available for iOS and Android).

You can easily toggle between sonar modes (indoor or outdoor) for when in the office, going for walk around the city or hiking.

What people are saying about the Sunu Band…

“My friend loves his Sunu Band. He’s been completely blind for over 15 years, and the Sunu Band lets him move around with more confidence than ever before. I haven’t seen him so happy in years.”

-Jeffery R.

“Our daughter has Leber’s. She wears her Sunu Band every time she goes out. It’s a major part of her toolbox of independence and mobility.”

-Scott B.

“I’m totally blind in my left eye and legally blind in m right eye. I wear my Sunu Band on my left wrist. It enables me to be more of- and have warning of people coming up, something which used to startle me before.”

-Ray S.

“I thought I would be overwhelmed figuring out all the features, but it is very simple to navigate with the mobile app and even just playing with it.”

-Donna B.

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Sunu Band is for you if you want to feel more confident in your daily travels and activities. Whether you are 13 or 65 years old, with a little practice, Sunu Band will feel like an extension of you.

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Sam Seavey

“I got a real sense for how far away object are when I’m using Sunu Band. I almost feel like I can ‘see’the edges of the wall.”

Emily Davison

“I has very useful features and has made memore confident to get out and navigate my way around.”

James Rath

“I had never felt more confortable with my spatial awareness. I’ve unlocked a sixth-sense!”

Customize your Sunu Band and unlock more features with the Sunu app

Giving you more power and flexibility while you're on the go!

The Sunu app allows you to unlock a variety of features for your Sunu Band. You can update and customize your Sunu Band as well as use our suite of navigation features which include a nearby place explorer, compass, navigation and more. Visit our Apps page to learn more and gain access to our newest app in beta. Download the app for FREE today.